As MacAuthority's reputation grew, so did its reach. The company expanded its operations beyond Nashville, opening additional stores in other cities across the southeast United States.

MacAuthority was not only known for its retail operations, but also for its Apple education and training services. The company offered a wide range of classes and workshops, covering topics such as Mac OS X, Adobe Creative Suite, and Final Cut Pro. These training programs were highly regarded by individuals, businesses, and educational institutions, establishing MacAuthority stores as local hubs for Apple fans and the company as a leading authority on Apple technology.

MacAuthority also played an active role in the local community. The company sponsored events and supported charitable organizations in Nashville, demonstrating its commitment to giving back. MacAuthority's dedication to community engagement and its passion for Apple technology made it a beloved institution in Nashville and beyond.

Lindell Ave MacAuthority store in Nashville Tennessee

Acquired by GameStop

In 2014, MacAuthority was acquired by GameStop, a leading video game retailer and publicly traded company. Under GameStop, the company's name was shelved and the store locations were added to growing network of retail stores under a new brand. In 2019, GameStop sold of the chains of Apple Retail stores to Cool Holdings.

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MacAuthority Relaunches

In 2022, a small group of MacAuthority fans and original employees, came together to purchasing the MacAuthority name and remaining store locations. With a desire to embrace new online shopping trends and bring the MacAuthority experience to customers nationwide, the team re-established its headquarters in Nashville, TN and leased warehouse space to order fulfillment of it's growing online presence. Unfortunately, due to a number of break-ins late in 2022, the original MacAuthority store on Lindel Ave was closed. 

What's Next

Currently we are in discussions with a number of potential locations as we work hard to re-open a brick-and-mortar store in the Nashville area. If you'd like to be one of the first to join us when this store re-opens, we encourage you to sign up for our company newsletter below. We can't tell you how excited we are to see you all again in person soon! Until then, we hope that you enjoy our new online store. 


The MacAuthority Team