Shield your laptop in sleek style! Moshi Pluma Sleeve (15-16") offers water-resistant, padded protection. Internal pen loop & full-zip closure. Shop now & travel worry-free!

Keep your laptop safe without weighing you down during your daily grind.
Plush microfiber lining pampers your laptop, protecting it from scratches and dust.
Zipper closure for quick access to your device whenever you need it.
Fits snugly in bags without adding bulk, perfect for on-the-go.
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Laptop Sleeve


Moshi Pluma Laptop Sleeve for 15"-16" Macbook/Surface/Laptop from Moshi

Shield Your Style: Moshi Pluma Laptop Sleeve for 15-16 inch Laptops

Ditch the bulky bags and embrace sleek protection with the Moshi Pluma Laptop Sleeve for 15-16 inch laptops. This slim and stylish sleeve is more than just a case – it's a statement piece that protects your valuable device while complementing your on-the-go lifestyle. Crafted from premium vegan leather with a soft, microfiber lining, the Pluma Sleeve offers superior scratch protection and a luxurious feel. Whether you're a busy professional, a creative freelancer, or a student on the move, the Moshi Pluma Sleeve seamlessly integrates into your daily routine, keeping your laptop secure and stylish.

Luxurious Protection, Effortless Style

  • Premium Materials: Experience the difference of quality. The Pluma Sleeve is crafted from vegan leather, renowned for its durability, sophistication, and eco-friendly design. The interior features a soft microfiber lining that protects your laptop from scratches and scuffs, ensuring it maintains its pristine condition.
  • Minimalist Design: Look good, feel good! The Pluma Sleeve boasts a sleek and minimalist design that complements any outfit or bag. Available in a variety of timeless colors, find the perfect shade to express your unique style.

A Perfect Fit for Modern Laptops

  • Designed for 15-16 inch Laptops: Protect a wide range of devices! The Pluma Sleeve is specifically designed to fit most popular 15-16 inch laptops, including current and future Apple MacBook Pro models (up to 16-inch) and Dell XPS 15.
  • Water-resistant Protection: Braving the elements? No problem! The Pluma Sleeve features a water-resistant exterior that repels spills and splashes, protecting your laptop from unexpected moisture. Carry your device with confidence, knowing it's shielded from the elements.

More Than Just Protection

While premium materials, minimalist design, compatibility with 15-16 inch laptops, and water-resistant protection are clear highlights, the Moshi Pluma Laptop Sleeve offers additional benefits:
  • Lightweight and Slim: Carry your laptop with ease! The Pluma Sleeve's lightweight design makes it easy to carry in your backpack, tote, or briefcase, without adding unnecessary bulk.
  • Easy Access: Effortlessly slip in and out! The Pluma Sleeve features a convenient top-loading design that allows you to easily slide your laptop in and out for quick access.

Shield Your Style with Confidence: The Moshi Pluma Advantage

The Moshi Pluma Laptop Sleeve for 15-16 inch laptops is more than just a water-resistant laptop sleeve. It's a sophisticated blend of protection and style. Experience the peace of mind of neoprene that shields your device from scratches and bumps. Embrace the convenience of a lightweight and slim design. And express yourself with a variety of timeless colors. The Pluma Sleeve also features a hidden magnetic closure for added security and a sleek, minimalist look.

One of the key benefits to emphasize is the combination of protection and style. The Pluma Sleeve is crafted from premium vegan leather that offers superior scratch protection while maintaining a sleek and minimalist design. This water-resistant sleeve is perfect for current and future Apple users who want to protect theirvaluable laptops in style. The variety of colors allows for personalization, and the lightweight design ensures effortless portability. With the Moshi Pluma Sleeve, you can carry your laptop with confidence knowing it's secure and stylish.



Moshi is a California-based company that designs and manufactures accessories for Apple products. Founded in 2005, Moshi is known for its high-quality, stylish, and functional products. Moshi's products include cases, chargers, cables, speakers, and more. They are also committed to using sustainable materials and practices in their products and packaging.

Product Number:
GTIN/EAN: 4713057259074
MPN: 99MO104055



Water Resistant

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