Simplify your setup with the Moshi USB 3.0 Type-C Multiport Adapter. Connect all your devices with USB-A ports, MicroSD reader, HDMI, & more. Perfect for laptops & tablets. Shop now & declutter your desk!

Works seamlessly with all USB-C devices for hassle-free connectivity.
Transfer files at lightning speed with USB 3.0 technology.
Enjoy stunning visuals on your 4K display with crisp clarity.
No software needed, just plug in and dive into seamless connectivity.
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USB 3.0 Type-C Multiport Adapter


Moshi USB 3.0 Type-C Multiport Adapter from Moshi

Unleash Your Laptop's Potential: The Multitasking Marvel You've Been Missing (Type-C Multiport Adapter)

Feeling limited by your laptop's ports? Juggling multiple devices and connections can be a hassle. The Moshi USB 3.0 Type-C Multiport Adapter is your solution. This compact powerhouse expands your laptop connectivity, transforming it into a multitasking marvel.

All the Connections You Need, Right at Your Fingertips

Gone are the days of adapter swapping. The Moshi Multiport Adapter boasts a versatile selection of ports, catering to all your connectivity needs. Connect an external monitor for enhanced productivity with the HDMI port. Transfer files at blazing-fast speeds with the USB 3.0 ports – perfect for photographers, videographers, or anyone who regularly deals with large files. And don't worry about leaving your favorite wired headphones behind – a dedicated 3.5mm audio jack ensures you can stay connected to your devices and sound.

Designed for Modern Laptops, Perfect for Apple Users

The Moshi Type-C Multiport Adapter seamlessly integrates with your Apple ecosystem. Featuring a USB-C connector, it expands your laptop connectivity for various Apple devices equipped with USB-C ports, including the latest MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or iPad Pro. However, its universal compatibility also allows you to connect a wide range of other devices, from Android smartphones to Windows laptops, making it a truly versatile addition to your tech toolbox.

Power Up While You Connect

The Moshi Multiport Adapter goes beyond just expanding your connections. It also features a built-in USB-C Power Delivery port. This allows you to charge your laptop while simultaneously using the other ports for data transfer or connecting external devices. No more sacrificing functionality for power – keep your laptop juiced up and ready to go, no matter your workload.

Sleek Design, Unmatched Performance

The Moshi Multiport Adapter doesn't compromise on style. Its sleek aluminum casing complements the design of your Apple devices and ensures excellent heat dissipation. The compact and lightweight design makes it perfect for portability, allowing you to easily slip it into your bag and take it wherever you go.

Built to Last, Backed by a Brand You Trust

The Moshi Multiport Adapter is crafted with premium materials to ensure long-lasting durability. Moshi's reputation for quality is further emphasized by their 2-year warranty, giving you peace of mind with your purchase.

The Future of Connectivity is Here

The Moshi USB 3.0 Type-C Multiport Adapter is a future-proof investment. With its Type-C Multiport Adapter design, it ensures compatibility with various laptops and devices, regardless of brand. As technology evolves and new devices emerge, you can be confident this adapter will continue to expand your laptop connectivity for years to come.

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Laptop

Stop feeling restricted by limited ports. The Moshi USB 3.0 Type-C Multiport Adapter is your key to a more connected and productive life. Expand laptop connectivity with a multitude of ports, enjoy the convenience of built-in power delivery, and experience the sleek design and quality construction that Moshi is known for. Order your Multiport Adapter today and unlock the full potential of your laptop.



Moshi is a California-based company that designs and manufactures accessories for Apple products. Founded in 2005, Moshi is known for its high-quality, stylish, and functional products. Moshi's products include cases, chargers, cables, speakers, and more. They are also committed to using sustainable materials and practices in their products and packaging.

Product Number:
GTIN/EAN: 4712052319370
MPN: 99MO084204


Height: 16 mm
Length: 101 mm
Width: 54 mm
Weight: 0.076 kg


Connection Type:
HDMI, Thunderbolt, USB-A, USB-C

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