Experience blazing-fast internet speeds with our USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter. Connect seamlessly to wired networks, stream, game, and work with unrivaled efficiency.

Zoom through online tasks with gigabit Ethernet speed, no lag in sight.
Hassle-free setup, just plug into your USB-C port and you're good to go.
Say goodbye to Wi-Fi dead zones with stable Ethernet connectivity.
Durable construction ensures it can handle life's bumps and jolts
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USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter


Moshi USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter from Moshi

Break Free from Wi-Fi Woes: Unleash Wired Speeds with This MacBook Must-Have

Is sluggish internet dragging down your MacBook workflow? Choppy video calls and endless buffering can be a thing of the past. This compact ethernet adapter for MacBook bridges the gap to blazing-fast wired speeds, maximizing your internet potential and transforming your online experience.

Say Goodbye to Unreliable Wi-Fi

Unstable Wi-Fi signals can disrupt your productivity and leave you waiting for webpages to load. This gigabit ethernet adapter eliminates that frustration. By establishing a secure and dependable wired connection directly to your router, you'll enjoy a significant boost in internet speeds. Download large files in minutes, stream high-definition videos without buffering, and experience lag-free online gaming – all with a wired connection.

Simple Setup, Supercharged Performance

This ethernet adapter boasts a user-friendly design. With a single cable connecting your MacBook's USB-C port to your router's ethernet port, you're ready to experience the benefits of wired internet. No external power or complicated software downloads are required – simply plug and play for an instant performance upgrade.

A Perfect Match for Modern MacBooks

This ethernet adapter seamlessly integrates with your Apple ecosystem. Designed specifically for MacBooks equipped with USB-C ports, this adapter ensures compatibility with your latest MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or even your iPad Pro. Its compact and lightweight design makes it the perfect portable companion, allowing you to enjoy a wired connection at home, the office, or even while traveling.

More Than Just Speed, Experience Unmatched Reliability

A wired connection offers superior stability and reliability compared to Wi-Fi. This is especially beneficial for tasks that require consistent bandwidth, such as video conferencing, large file transfers, or online gaming. With a wired connection, you can say goodbye to dropped connections and buffering, ensuring a smoother and more productive online experience.

Built to Last, Designed for Apple Users

This ethernet adapter is crafted with premium materials to ensure long-lasting durability. The sleek aluminum casing complements the design of your Apple devices, while also providing excellent heat dissipation. Moshi's reputation for quality is further emphasized by their 2-year warranty, giving you peace of mind with your purchase.

Future-Proof Your Connection

The Moshi USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter is a smart investment for the future. As internet speeds continue to evolve, this adapter ensures your MacBook can leverage the full potential of your wired connection. With its universal gigabit ethernet compatibility, you'll be prepared for whatever the future of internet connectivity holds.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your MacBook

This ethernet adapter is your gateway to a superior internet experience. It unlocks blazing-fast wired speeds, exceptional reliability, and a future-proof design, all in a compact and portable form factor. Ditch the frustrations of unreliable Wi-Fi and elevate your MacBook's capabilities. Order your ethernet adapter today and experience the web at its best.



Moshi is a California-based company that designs and manufactures accessories for Apple products. Founded in 2005, Moshi is known for its high-quality, stylish, and functional products. Moshi's products include cases, chargers, cables, speakers, and more. They are also committed to using sustainable materials and practices in their products and packaging.

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