Elevate your desk setup with the Satechi Aluminum Mouse Pad. Premium aluminum design & non-slip base ensure precise mouse tracking. Enhance your comfort & workspace. Shop now!

Built to last through countless clicks, bumps, and coffee spills - it's tough as nails!
Effortlessly navigate your mouse with a surface designed for precise movements.
Stay put during intense gaming or busy workdays, thanks to the sturdy rubberized base.
Wipe away dust and spills in a breeze, keeping your workspace looking fresh.
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Aluminum Mouse Pad


Satechi Aluminum Mouse Pad from Satechi

Non-Slip Mouse Pad: Elevate Your Workspace with the Satechi Aluminum Mouse Pad

Your workspace deserves a touch of sophistication. The Satechi Aluminum Mouse Pad is the perfect blend of style and functionality, elevating your desk setup and enhancing your mouse performance. This premium mouse pad is crafted from sleek, durable aluminum, offering a smooth, precise gliding surface for your mouse, all while adding a touch of modern minimalism to your workspace.

Designed for Apple Users and Beyond

Apple users, rejoice! The Satechi Aluminum Mouse Pad is the perfect companion for your Mac. The minimalist design seamlessly complements your Apple aesthetic, while the ultra-thin profile integrates flawlessly with your existing setup. But the Satechi Aluminum Mouse Pad isn't exclusive to Apple users. This non-slip mouse pad is compatible with any computer mouse, so Windows PC users can experience the benefits of a premium mouse pad as well.

Unmatched Precision and Control

The Satechi Aluminum Mouse Pad is designed to elevate your mouse performance. The smooth, polished aluminum surface offers exceptional glide, allowing for precise cursor movements and effortless control. Whether you're a graphic designer demanding pixel-perfect accuracy or a casual web surfer, the Satechi Aluminum Mouse Pad ensures a responsive and enjoyable user experience.

Built to Last: Durable Aluminum Construction

The Satechi Aluminum Mouse Pad isn't just about looks, it's built to endure. Crafted from high-quality aluminum, this mouse pad is resistant to scratches, dents, and everyday wear-and-tear. Unlike traditional fabric mouse pads that can become frayed or stained over time, the Satechi Aluminum Mouse Pad maintains its pristine look and functionality for years to come.

Effortless Maintenance: Simply Wipe Clean

Keeping your Satechi Aluminum Mouse Pad clean is a breeze. Unlike fabric mouse pads that can trap dust and grime, the smooth aluminum surface easily wipes clean with a damp cloth. Spills and messes are no match for the Satechi Aluminum Mouse Pad, ensuring your workspace remains spotless and professional-looking.

Non-Slip Stability for Confident Mousing

The Satechi Aluminum Mouse Pad features a silicone base that grips your desk surface to prevent unwanted slipping or sliding. This non-slip design ensures your mouse pad stays firmly in place, even during the most intense gaming sessions or fast-paced workflows. Focus on the task at hand, knowing your mouse pad will stay exactly where you need it.

A Touch of Modern Minimalism for Your Workspace

The Satechi Aluminum Mouse Pad is more than just a functional accessory, it's a statement piece for your desk. The sleek aluminum design adds a touch of modern minimalism to your workspace, complementing any aesthetic. This mouse pad is the perfect way to personalize your workspace and express your unique style.

A Small Investment for a Big Upgrade

The Satechi Aluminum Mouse Pad is a small investment that offers a significant upgrade to your workspace. It elevates your mouse performance, protects your desk surface, and adds a touch of modern sophistication to your setup. Whether you're a creative professional, a casual computer user, or a hardcore gamer, the Satechi Aluminum Mouse Pad is the perfect way to enhance your experience. So ditch the boring old mouse pad and experience the difference that premium materials and precision design can make. Your workspace, and your mouse, will thank you.



Satechi is a California-based company that designs and manufactures innovative tech accessories. Founded in 2005, Satechi is known for its sleek, high-quality products that seamlessly integrate with Apple devices. Satechi's products include adapters, cables, docks, speakers, and more.

Product Number:
GTIN/EAN: 879961006525


Height: 22.9 mm
Length: 289.6 mm
Width: 241.3 mm
Weight: 0.515 kg



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