Tripp Lite 6 Right Angle Outlet Surge Protector 6ft Power Strip

Product information "Tripp Lite 6 Right Angle Outlet Surge Protector 6ft Power Strip"
The modern world thrives on electricity. But with more devices than ever vying for precious outlets, chaos reigns supreme. Enter the Tripp Lite 6 Right Angle Outlet Surge Protector 6ft Power Strip – your knight in shining armor against cable clutter and power surges. This compact yet mighty strip transforms a single outlet into a haven of organized power, granting you:

  • Right-Angle Outlets: This power strip boasts six outlets angled at 90 degrees, allowing you to plug in bulky transformers and adapters without sacrificing space or aesthetics.
  • Surge Protection: The strip features 790 joules of surge suppression to protect against damaging voltage spikes and power surges, safeguarding your electronics from costly repairs or replacements.
  • Multiple Lines of Defense: Full normal mode (H-N) and common mode (N-G/H-G) line surge suppression provide comprehensive protection against both common and differential surges.
  • Automatic Shutoff: Safety first! The built-in automatic shutoff feature cuts power to the outlets if the protection circuit is compromised, preventing potential damage to your devices.
  • Diagnostic LEDs: Stay informed with a quick glance. Green and red LED indicators tell you if the surge protection is active and if the unit is properly grounded, giving you peace of mind about your connected equipment.
  • Space-Saving Design: This compact strip measures just 12.6 inches long, making it ideal for desks, nightstands, or anywhere space is at a premium. Keep your power needs organized without sacrificing valuable real estate.
  • Guaranteed Protection: Tripp Lite backs this surge protector with a $20,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance policy, safeguarding your connected equipment against damage from covered surges.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction: Built to last, the strip features a durable metal housing for added strength and protection against accidental bumps or drops.
  • Convenient Keyhole Mounts: Wall-mount your power strip for a clean and organized look. Built-in keyhole mounts make installation a breeze, freeing up valuable counter space and minimizing cable clutter.
  • Peace of Mind Guarantee: Enjoy the freedom of knowing your electronics are protected. The Tripp Lite Limited Lifetime Warranty ensures you're covered for the life of the product, offering long-lasting peace of mind.

Beyond the Specs:
The Tripp Lite 6 Right Angle Outlet Surge Protector 6ft Power Strip is more than just a technical marvel; it's a catalyst for organization and peace of mind:

  • Declutter Your Tech Life: Transform tangled cords and awkward plug placements into a streamlined oasis of power.
  • Protect Your Investments: Safeguard your valuable electronics from the unpredictable world of electricity.
  • Enjoy Added Convenience: Right-angle outlets and a space-saving design make connecting your devices a breeze.
  • Focus on What Matters: Eliminate the worry of power surges and concentrate on what truly matters – using your devices without a care.

Additional Details:
  • The power strip is compatible with standard NEMA 5-15P plugs used in the United States and Canada.
  • A 6-foot power cord provides ample reach for connecting your devices.
  • Tripp Lite offers a variety of other surge protectors and power strips to meet your specific needs.

The Tripp Lite 6 Right Angle Outlet Surge Protector 6ft Power Strip is your one-stop solution for conquering cable chaos and safeguarding your electronics. It's a compact powerhouse of protection, convenience, and peace of mind. Ditch the tangled jungle and embrace the organized oasis of Tripp Lite's power strip. Your devices will thank you.
Condition: New
Condition: New