Experience high-quality audio with the Moshi USB Type-C Universal Digital Audio Adapter. Enjoy seamless connectivity for USB Type-C devices, delivering crisp sound and versatility.

Elevate your audio experience with crystal-clear quality for music and calls.
Works seamlessly with any USB-C device, no compatibility headaches.
Connect headphones, speakers, or any audio device with ease.
Pocket-sized design for on-the-go convenience without the bulk.
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USB Type-C Universal Digital Audio Adapter


Moshi USB Type-C Universal Digital Audio Adapter from Moshi

Keep the Music Flowing with the Moshi USB Type-C Universal Digital Audio Adapter

Frustrated by the lack of a headphone jack on your new Apple device? Don't let it silence your soundtrack. The Moshi USB Type-C Universal Digital Audio Adapter seamlessly bridges the gap, ensuring your favorite wired headphones remain compatible with your latest iPhone, iPad, or MacBook.

Crystal Clear Audio, Uncompromised Experience

The Moshi Digital Audio Adapter is meticulously crafted to deliver pristine audio quality. It supports high-resolution audio, ensuring you experience every detail of your music, podcasts, or audiobooks exactly as intended. No skips, no static, just pure listening pleasure.

Simple Connection, Seamless Integration

The Moshi Digital Audio Adapter boasts a user-friendly design. With a single USB-C connector on one end and a standard 3.5mm headphone jack on the other, it effortlessly connects to your Apple device and your favorite wired headphones. No need for bulky dongles or complicated software installations – simply plug and play.

A Perfect Match for Apple Users

The Moshi Digital Audio Adapter is specifically designed to work flawlessly with various Apple devices equipped with USB-C ports. Whether you're using the latest iPhone, iPad Pro, or MacBook, this compact adapter ensures your wired headphones remain a vital part of your audio experience.

More Than Just an Adapter, It's a Pocket-Sized Audio Powerhouse

The Moshi Digital Audio Adapter goes beyond simply connecting your headphones. It features an integrated digital-to-analog converter (DAC) chip. This chip ensures your device's digital audio signal is flawlessly converted into an analog signal, optimizing the sound quality for your wired headphones. The result? Richer, clearer, and more enjoyable audio.

Designed to Last, Made for Life on the Go

The Moshi Digital Audio Adapter is built to endure the rigors of everyday use. Its sleek aluminum housing offers superior durability, protecting the internal components from scratches and minor bumps. The compact and lightweight design makes it the perfect travel companion, easily slipping into your pocket or bag.

The Future of Audio Flexibility

The Moshi Digital Audio Adapter is a future-proof solution for Apple users. As technology evolves and devices continue to slim down, this adapter ensures a smooth transition. With its universal design and support for high-resolution audio, the Moshi adapter guarantees you can continue to enjoy your favorite wired headphones for years to come.

Keep Your Audio Experience Alive

The Moshi USB Type-C Universal Digital Audio Adapter eliminates the frustration of headphone incompatibility with newer Apple devices. This compact and versatile adapter bridges the gap between your device and your favorite wired headphones, all while delivering superior audio quality through its integrated digital to analog audio adapter chip. Don't compromise on your listening experience. Order your Moshi Digital Audio Adapter today and keep the music flowing, wherever you go.



Moshi is a California-based company that designs and manufactures accessories for Apple products. Founded in 2005, Moshi is known for its high-quality, stylish, and functional products. Moshi's products include cases, chargers, cables, speakers, and more. They are also committed to using sustainable materials and practices in their products and packaging.

Product Number:
GTIN/EAN: 888112001661
MPN: 99MO084249



Connection Type:
USB Type C
3.5 mm Headphone Jack