Experience lightning-fast charging with the Native Union Belt Cable Pro 100W (USB-C to USB-C). This durable and stylish cable ensures a seamless power transfer for your devices.

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Belt Cable Pro 100W (USB-C to USB-C)


Native Union Belt Cable Pro 100W (USB-C to USB-C) from Native Union

Power Up in Style: Native Union Belt Cable Pro 100W (USB-C to USB-C)

Never be caught with a dead battery again. The Native Union Belt Cable Pro 100W (USB-C to USB-C) is the perfect everyday essential for tech-savvy users. This powerful and stylish cable lets you charge your laptop, smartphone, or other USB-C compatible devices at lightning-fast speeds, whether you're at home, at the office, or on the go. Made with premium materials and a braided nylon exterior, the Native Union Belt Cable Pro 100W seamlessly integrates into your life, ensuring your devices stay powered and looking sharp.

Charge Faster, Charge Smarter

  • Ultra-Fast Charging: Experience blazing-fast charging speeds with support for up to 100W Power Delivery. The Native Union Belt Cable Pro 100W significantly reduces charging times, ensuring your devices are always ready to use, no matter how demanding your day is.
  • Durable Design: Built to last, this cable features a reinforced connector and military-grade braided nylon exterior. It can withstand everyday wear and tear, entangling, and even accidental drops. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your cable is built to endure.

A Perfect Fit for Modern Users, Especially Apple Fans

  • Universal USB-C Compatibility: This cable is designed to work flawlessly with a wide range of USB-C devices. Charge your iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Samsung smartphone, or any other USB-C compatible device with ease. This future-proof design ensures compatibility with your current and future devices, especially for Apple users transitioning to USB-C on their latest iPhones and iPads.
  • Stylish and Functional: The Native Union Belt Cable Pro 100W isn't just about performance. The braided nylon exterior and leather detailing add a touch of sophistication to your tech accessories. This cable perfectly complements your style, whether you're a busy professional or a fashion-conscious individual.

Beyond Basic Charging

While powerful charging and a durable design are clear highlights, the Native Union Belt Cable Pro 100W (USB-C to USB-C) offers additional benefits:
  • Data Transfer: This cable not only charges your device, but also allows for data transfer. Sync your photos, videos, and other files between your devices with ease.
  • Travel-Friendly Design: The 1.5-meter (5-foot) length offers optimal reach without being bulky. The cable easily fits in your bag or purse, making it a perfect companion for travel or everyday use.

Charge with Confidence: The Native Union Advantage

The Native Union Belt Cable Pro 100W (USB-C to USB-C) is more than just a 100W USB-C Cable. It's a stylish and powerful accessory that offers ultra-fast charging, superior durability, and seamless data transfer. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your cable is built to last. Experience a new level of convenience with the fast charging capabilities. Express yourself with the sophisticated design of the Native Union Belt Cable Pro 100W. Elevate your charging routine and keep your devices powered wherever you go.

One of the key benefits to emphasize is the combination of powerful 100W charging and stylish design. This cable is perfect for Apple users who demand both peak performance and a touch of sophistication for their tech accessories. The Native Union Belt Cable Pro 100W future-proofs your charging solution as you adopt the latest USB-C devices, ensuring compatibility and a seamless user experience.


Native Union

Native Union offers refined tech alternatives, uniting excellent design, top-notch materials, and empowering the modern lifestyle.  Founded in 2009, Native Union provides a wide range of products including iPhone cases, AirPod cases, power banks, phone chargers, and other tech accessories.

Product Number:
GTIN/EAN: 846654036374


Height: 30.99 mm
Length: 199.9 mm
Width: 119.89 mm
Weight: 0.21 kg


Connection Type:
Compatible Devices:
iPad Air 4, iPad Air 5, iPad Mini 6, iPad Pro 3 (11-Inch), iPad Pro 3 (12.9-Inch), iPad Pro 4 (11-Inch), iPad Pro 4 (12.9-Inch), iPad Pro 5 (12.9-Inch), iPad Pro 6 (12.9-Inch)